In celebration of the True Store launch, hear what Rory and Chris have to say about the True Store journey.

What is True Store? Describe it in three words…

Chris: Visionary, honest and TRUE!


What makes it different from True Vintage?

Rory: The True Store specialises in new fashion with an emphasis on offering customers access to brands that promote heritage and sustainability.


Chris: True Store is different from our sister store and is inspired by the unique vintage brands we currently stock at True Vintage. It's also home of the a.c.c. programme, an exciting new fashion concept that will bridge the old with the new. The a.c.c range launches later this year, so keep an eye out!


What motivated you to launch True Store?

Rory: I've worked in retail since the age of 16, and always wanted to start my own retail business. After having success with True Vintage, I wanted to provide customers with a platform to find emerging, unique and up-and-coming brands.


Chris: The motivation for True Store came easy. We wanted to create a go-to website that is honest and embodies everything consumers want from a shopping experience.


The True Store platform stocks brands including HUF, DEVA STATES, KARHU, PARLEY “FOR THE OCEANS”, PLAYDUDE, Jungles Jungles and Dick Moby Eyewear. We're also super excited to announce that True Store will stock a.c.c, a sustainable programme inspired by the extensive True Vintage archive.

Bridging the old and the new, this unique collection of nostalgic, vintage-inspired items are made in collaboration with True Store partner brands and will be available on True Store in the coming this space!

All of our partner brands are of high quality and align to our values..

- Chris

What brands does True Store offer to customers?

Chris: We stock brands from across the globe, from household names to small emerging brands. All of our partner brands are of high quality and align to our values. These brands include Champion, HUF, Kahru, Schott, Chinatown Market, Wax London, La Paz and many more.


Why these brands? What makes them unique?

Chris: These brands share a similar vision to our own and in most cases started small, just like True Vintage and now True Store. They have a can-do attitude towards the impossible and stay true to what they believe in.


Where do you see True Store in 5 years...

Chris: Increasing brand partnerships is our number one goal, but it's about quality over quantity. As True Store grows we promise to provide our customers with brands that align with our ethos and share our vision.


Rory: In addition to adding more partner brands to True Store, we would love to have a bricks and mortar store where we can showcase everything available through True Store. We know our customers want to touch and feel the product, but we also want to provide a hub for brands and customers to collaborate, educate and inspire.