Introducing True Store partners... Kestin



Founded in 2015 by designer Kestin Hare with over two decades of industry experience, KESTIN is redefining modern Scottish design by blending innovation with tradition.

Kestin is known for his focus on the highest-quality unique fabrics, and his products are designed to last. He weaves in references from his Scottish heritage, combining details from other areas of inspiration including workwear, military, sports and outdoor wear. Kestin's designs are always functional, often technical and also a little unconventional. His pursuit of quality, innovation and responsible manufacturing was drummed into him from his early years studying Fashion Design, and then honed during his career with some of the industry's top designers.


Renowned for his championing of UK production, Kestin strives to make locally wherever possible. He works with the best factories and mills in the world, continually pushing the capabilities to produce exciting, quality products that will stand the test of time.


We are so stoked to be working with Kestin this year. The sheer quality of design, complementing outstanding manufacturing quality.

We spent the afternoon with Mr and Mrs Hare, (remotely of course) and picked their wonderful brains about all things Kestin. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you both.

Kestin, Gemma thank you for taking the time do this. I know you're extremely busy

Describe your brand in three words.

"Quality, functional, unconventional"

What makes Kestin different from the others?

"Kestin has over 20 years industry experience, and has built a reputation of working with the world’s best mills and best factories to produce incredible quality garments. Kestin’s designs are more than just product, there’s a rich source of narrative there drawing on Kestin’s main sources of inspiration, Scotland, military, vintage and workwear. We also make approximately 50% of our products in the UK, local manufacturing is incredibly important to us..."

What does joining the True Store family mean for the brand?

"We have watched with interest about how you built the True Vintage brand, Kestin is vintage obsessed. So we are excited to see how you translate that into providing contemporary fashion through True Store. You’ve got a really clear brand image, and we always like working with people who genuinely care about creativity and great design..."

"So we are excited to see how you translate that into providing contemporary fashion through True Store. You’ve got a really clear brand image, and we always like working with people who genuinely care about creativity and great design."

- Kestin

Kestin & Gemma

How do you think fashion is changing? What is your brand doing to keep up with new customer demands?

"More and more customers are beginning to understand why our products are worth investing in, why we are a little more expensive, why it matters about the quality, where it’s been produced. We don’t focus on marketing gimmicks, we know who we are, and Kestin is a designer’s designer. His experience and eye for incredible fabrics and construction mean that customers love and respect what we are doing. We have some amazing customers who also inspire us, so the relationship goes both ways."


How is your brand focusing on sustainability?

"Native manufacturing is a core brand value. We produce the collection in the UK and Europe, supporting local industry and craftsmanship.

We are proud that our designs are made in small production runs in the best factories in the UK and Portugal. Small production means higher production standards as well as being able to control the entire supply chain.

From the UK, to Japan, to Italy, we work with market leading and technically superior fabric mills to develop unique cloth.

We have a transparent supply chain with our factories and ensure that we only work with those who promote fair wages, safe working conditions and ethics, worker’s rights, high quality standards, and that maintain a strong bond with the surrounding community."

We are heavily committed to producing clothes in a sustainable way. It's a journey and we are learning and improving every step of the way.

We monitor and review our environmental and social impact looking on how we can improve our performance wherever possible.

We aim to produce more in the UK, and are working closely with local factories and mills to create jobs and nurture making in the UK

We are exploring new ways of working with and training those in the industry, looking at ethical design collectives to collaborate with skilled local communities.

We select cloth that is of the highest quality and will last with as little environmental impact as possible. We take into consideration the durability of the garment, as well as the production process, to fully gauge the sustainable impact.


What’s next for you both and Kestin?

We are always innovating, always pushing ourselves to do new things, better things. We are working on amazing homewares that are designed to be passed down through generations and all manufactured in Scotland. We are already working on SS22 collection and Kestin has a new source of inspiration which the whole team is really excited about. Loads of space for us to play and have fun.

"Thank YOU so so much Kestin & Gemma. We absolutely loved spending time with you. so looking forward to doing it again soon. (maybe even in person) We will do everything we can to support you both on this wonderful adventure. Stay smiling. Until the next instalment.

"KESTIN is pure lust for quality"


"WELCOME to the family guys!!"